how do draw good

  • fill 14 sketch book
  • bad stuff is good stuff bc you made stuff
  • do you like sparkle???? draw sparkle
  • draw what make your heart do the smiley emote
  • member to drink lotsa agua or else bad time
  • d ont stress friend all is well
  • your art is hot like potato crisps
  • don’t let anyone piss on your good mood amigo
  • if they do
  • eat
  • them


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Tree that was shaped by strong winds.

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*Convulses on the ground.*

If anyone took pictures at the Wonder Years show in NYC last night let me know pleaseeeee


oh my god



Well this week’s theme was really fun for us! I used the double exposure setting in my camera, so the results were often unpredictable - most of them came out a mess of skin and limbs. We liked how this photo turned out the best!

Wow, I think this is the best double exposure so far. All of the colors are so nice and the lighting is definitely perfect. I’m glad you both enjoyed the experience. His hands and his toes are both very detailed and it looks like he’s got a nice grip her ass. Thanks for creating and sharing this incredible submission. 

D d d dang.

this is beautiful. I need to recreate this some day.
officially on my bucket list.


looks like the forest from princess mononoke 

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